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The sizzle of a hot iron, burning; searing. Branded. For centuries, branding has been practiced as a means of claiming ownership, and symbolic of wealth and good fortune.

A 20th century advertising movement equated that permanent “impression” to an organization’s commitment to communicating their core beliefs and values to the outside world. As disciples of this science we are forever vigilant about leaving a mark.

Some in our industry view branding as mysterious. Our agency has been engaged in brand development and management for over 20 years and we know that success is not delivered by mystics. Instead, brands are built from truthful insight, process, creative thinking, experience, and a mastery of the possible.

BIGMPG Design/Marketing | Branding: Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Through a tested process of discovery, research and analysis, we’ll help your organization launch, recreate or hone its brand identity into a tangible and relatable message that resonates with your target market.

BIGMPG Design/Marketing | Branding: Brand Implementation & Execution

Brand Implementation & Execution

Once we’ve seen the brand identity process through to conclusion, we’ll create your visual identity, develop organizational brand guidelines, and align all digital and offline assets to properly communicate your new brand.

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