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Digital Marketing

Your website is often your single greatest tool to build awareness of your brand and begin to usher prospects toward sales. We’ll help you build a digital marketing strategy to consistently drive awareness of your offerings and turn visitors into sales opportunities.

BIGMPG Design/Marketing | Digital marketing: Content Strategy

Content Strategy

A good content marketing plan takes into account your prospect’s pain points throughout the buying cycle and addresses them each step of the way. We’ll help you create a plan to deliver thoughtful and valuable content to your target audience while consistently reminding them of your capabilities.

BIGMPG Design/Marketing | Digital marketing: Social Media

Social Media

One great benefit of social media is the ability to syndicate your own unique content. Another is social’s inherent value when it comes to strengthening your SEO strategy. We’ll help you formulate a smart social strategy that’s right for your business.

BIGMPG Design/Marketing | Digital marketing: Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Consistently the highest rated digital medium for generating ROI, email marketing presents a cost-effective and highly targeted means to promote your brand. We’ll apply the latest best practices to help you maximize its effectiveness and build a critical sales tool for your business.

BIGMPG Design/Marketing | Digital marketing: Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Visitors to your website are already engaged with your brand. That makes them a highly valuable audience to which you can continue to market. Employing a smart retargeting strategy will enable you to bring visitors back and continue the conversation – even if you don’t know who they are.

BIGMPG Design/Marketing | Digital marketing: Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

A properly implemented marketing automation solution allows your business to gain insight into where prospects are in the buying cycle by monitoring their “digital body language.” We’ll work with you to implement and optimize a marketing automation solution to monitor user engagement and drive sales.

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