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BIGMPG Design/Marketing

Riverworks Week 2014

Responsive Web Design & Development, Email, Display, Print, Video, Photography, Branding, Strategy, Event Management

Riverworks Week Logo

Event Branding

This was a coming out week for Riverworks, the time when Milwaukee’s Creative District was to be unveiled. We chose simple typography, bright pink, and the bold proclamation/announcement stating that the Riverworks district was home to some of the city's most creative enterprises.

Riverworks Week Website Design
Responsive Microsite & Online Registration

Scheduling five events at three different venues required a steady repository for information and organization. The microsite was well integrated into a number of digital assets and online registration was simple and effective, and all custom developed for the week.

Email Campaign

The event was big enough, and interesting enough to attract partners and supporters from the whole metropolitan area. We orchestrated a full digital outreach campaign to inform and engage attendees.

Promotional Flyers, Invitations & Swag

This was the first time - you only get one chance! We developed the hard working schedule brochure which also served as the promotional piece leading up to the week’s programming. Also produced were VIP invites, printed keepsakes and specific agendas for each day’s program.

Riverworks Week Flyer
Riverworks Week North Coast Summit: North Coasters and Invite

& Video

We were able to document some of the makers and crafts people already working in the district and present that output at two of the weeks events, and then later at a number of recap gatherings.

Riverworks Week Photography: Bikes Riverworks Week Photography: Food Riverworks Week Photography: Forge

Event Signage

We created huge graphics for inside and outside usage, along with Camelot style flags and banners that were displayed throughout the district. On overpasses, on lawns & as decoration in interior spaces, our banners hung from rafters and stanchions alike. our signage indicated a special occasion was underway, but more importantly that a new identity was forming in the Riverworks District.

Riverworks Week Banner Riverworks Week Banner Riverworks Week Banner
Riverworks Week Banner
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