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Screamin' Eagle

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Project Overview

Since its beginning in 1903, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has been immersed in racing motorcycles. Over a century’s worth of racing success has generated dealer’s sales, kept R & D moving forward, and supported the brand.

As the agency of record for Screamin’ Eagle Racing, BIGMPG developed promotional materials and communications tools used at the various track venues and at dealerships.

Marketing Materials

Screamin Eagle racing was involved in a number of different racing circuits, from dirt track ovals to drag racing straights. The team managed a wide assortment of racers, and personalities, that needed to be brought to life for the fans.

Competing against teams sponsored by the Army, Mountain Dew, Kawasaki and others made it crucial to separate from the pack with true Harley-Davidson personality and branding.

Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle Logo
Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle: Dirt Racers Photo

Trackside Marketing

It’s all about the experience! Full throttle action at the track can’t be beat, or faked. Understanding that the track served as a portal for the brand to a younger market, we produced a number of take away items that promoted the sport, the racers, and the brand.

Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle: Joe Kopp Board Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle: Kenny Coolbeth Board Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle: Jared Mees Board
Screamin' Eagle: Drag Racers Photo
Screamin' Eagle: Dirt Callouts Screamin' Eagle: Drag Callouts
Screamin' Eagle:Band of Brothers Poster
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